BNTECHGO 4 Gauge Silicone Wire Kit: Ultra Flexible, 10 Feet (Black and Red, Each Color 5 ft), High Temp 200°C, 600V, 4 AWG Silicone Wire with 5000 Strands of Tinned Copper Wire, Stranded Wire for Model Battery

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● 4 Gauge silicone wire kit: 2 colors, red and black, each color 5 ft, total 10 feet.
● High-quality ultra-flexible soft silicone rubber copper wire! Super low impedance, highly efficient!
● High strand count copper core; 4 AWG silicone stranded wire has 5000 strands of 0.08 mm tinned copper wire. The copper strands are tinned, protecting them from corrosion and making soldering easier.
● They are constructed with premium silicone rubber insulation. High-temperature resistance: 200 degrees Celsius, low-temperature resistance: in extreme cold -60 degrees Celsius. Rated Voltage: 600 volts. Outside diameter: 11.5 mm, tolerance: +/- 0.1 mm.
● BNTECHGO® silicone wire is widely used for model planes, model cars, model ships, batteries, lamps, household appliances, electric heating appliances, meters, instruments, motor lead wires, and digital fields.

Also available are the right gauge wires from thin 30 AWG to heavy-duty 4 AWG silicone wire.
● 4 AWG and 6 AWG available in 2 colors (Red, Black);
● 8 AWG and 10 AWG available in 7 colors (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, and Orange);
● 12 AWG and 14 AWG available in 10 colors (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Brown, Purple, Orange, and Gray);
● 16 AWG to 30 AWG available in 11 colors (Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Brown, Purple, Orange, Pink, and Gray).
● Please allow 2-7 business days for the item to arrive (depending on the parcel's destination).