​Why choose silicone wire?

Posted by BNTECHGO on 20th May 2022

​Why choose silicone wire?

The insulation material of BNTECHGO’s cord is silicone. Silicone is resistant to cold, heat, and durability, so what is silicone made of? It is made of an element called silica which is widely found in sand. It can be found everywhere on the earth, and the reserves are very abundant.

In designing products, why choose a wire with silicone as an insulating material? You’ll find out from the facts below.

The insulating material used in the wire is silicone, a man-made polymer composed of silicon and other elements. Scientific research has shown that it has many excellent properties. It is also widely used in the medical and food fields. Let us focus on the following. Features:

1. High flame retardancy. It is not easy to burn, meets the flame test FT2 standard, reduces safety hazards, and is safer to use in products and equipment.

2. High and low-temperature resistance. It can maintain stable physical properties in both low and high-temperature environments. Silicone can still prolong its very flexible characteristics from -76℉ to 392℉ (-60℃ to 200℃). Its ability to be used in different weather and environmental conditions is very broad.

3. Low reactivity with chemicals. Its specialty as silicone wire is used in applications that come in contact with chemicals such as automotive and industrial, and having this resistance is beneficial.

4. Low toxin. The composition of silica gel does not contain lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals that are harmful to the human body, and it will not pollute the soil and water sources when the silica gel wire is used and disposed of.

5. Low smoke/halogen-free. Silicone does not contain halogen which solves the "secondary pollution" formed when it is burned and avoids the production of carcinogenic "dioxin" substances when traditional PVC wires are burned.

6. Waterproof and ultraviolet resistant. This feature makes the silicone wire have good waterproof performance and is easy to clean. Even after ultraviolet irradiation, it maintains stable physical and chemical properties, does not change its properties, and prolongs the service life of the product.

Through the above important characteristics, it is not difficult for us to conclude that silicone rubber is safer and eco-friendly. For your health and safety, it is a wise choice to use silicone rubber as an insulating material in the project design.

Although we have found many advantages to using silicone insulated wires, the quality of silicone wires can be good or bad, so when you buy, you should also keep your eyes open. The choice has strict requirements on product quality and attaches great importance to the customer service provider.

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