BNTECHGO Ultra Flexible 30 Gauge Silicone Wire Spool 5 Color Red Black Pink Purple Orange High Resistant 200 deg C 600V Electronic Wire 30 AWG Stranded Wire 11 Strands Tinned Copper Wire Hook Up

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● 30 Gauge silicone wire spool:5 colors,Red Black Pink Purple and Orange,each color 50 ft,total 250 feet.
● High quality ultra flexible soft silicone rubber copper wire!super low impedance,highly efficient!
● High strand count copper core,30 AWG silicone stranded wire has 11 strands 0.08 mm tinned copper wire,the copper strands are tinned,protecting them from corrosion and making it easier to solder.
● They are constructed with premium silicone rubber insulation.High temperature resistance 200 degree C,Low temperature resistance,in extreme cold -60 degree C.Rated Voltage:600 volts.Outside diameter 0.8 mm,tolerance +/- 0.1 mm.
● BNTECHGO silicone wire are widely used for model planes,model cars,model ships,batteries,lamps,household appliances,electric heating appliances,meters,instruments,motor lead wire and digital fields.

Also available the right gauge wire from thin 30 AWG to heavy duty 8 AWG silicone wire.
● 8 AWG and 10 AWG available red and black;
● 12 AWG and 14 AWG available 7 colors (Red,Black,Blue,Yellow,Green, White and Gray);
● 16 AWG to 30 AWG available 11 colors(Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Brown, Gray, Purple, Orange and Pink).

● Please allow 2-7 business days for the item to arrive (depends on parcel destination)

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  • 5
    Very flexy

    Posted by RandoReviewer on 2nd Mar 2019

    Convenient box, multiple colors, good AWG for power hungry sensors.

  • 5
    Easy to use wire

    Posted by Christoph Beltz on 2nd Oct 2018

    This wire is fantastic to work with. It is very flexible, solders well, and is easy to strip. It handles the load well for my 5 inch 3 cell multicopter. I've had no issues with the box dispenser. I think it's a very nice feature.

  • 5

    Posted by Kurt on 12th Aug 2018

    This silicone covered wire is the best, Using it in model railroading and have never seen wire with such great flexibility.
    it solders up just fine. The spools are neatly set in a distribution box so you pull out what you need. I will buy more when I run out.

  • 5
    High quality wire

    Posted by Bicycle on 7th May 2018

    I was really pleased to find that the 30awg wire is very high quality and easy to solder. My wire strippers seem to tell me it's closer to 28awg but it works perfectly for my purpose.

  • 5
    An absolutely incredible wire

    Posted by Mark C. Cromwell on 20th Apr 2018

    There are no down sides to this incredible wire. It is 11 strands of human hair fine wire. It is super flexible, and the insulation is unharmed by heat from soldering.

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    Just perfect for fixing mistakes on soldered boards

    Posted by AFdet055 on 17th Jan 2018

    30 AWG is really tiny. Just perfect for fixing mistakes on soldered boards. No good for solderless breadboards as this is not solid core and is too fine a gauge to connect properly in breadboard holes. Solder only.