BNTECHGO 38 AWG Magnet Wire - Enameled Copper Wire - Enameled Magnet Winding Wire - 1.0 lb - 0.0039"Diameter 1 Spool Coil Red Temperature Rating 155 Degree C Widely Used for Transformers Inductors

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BNTECHGO® 38 Gauge enameled magnet wire is made of high quality copper and good coating with enamel.Perfect enameled magnet wire for implementing into your science projects/experiments or personal DIY,used by engineers and hobbyists alike!

Product Details
Gauge: 38
Color: Red
Size: 1.0 lb(21239 feet)
Temperature rating: 155°C (311°F)
Diameter: 0.0039 inches(0.1mm),tolerance+/-0.05mm
Item Weight: 1 item for 1.0 pounds
Specification Met: NEMA(NEMA Description: MW-80-C)
Insulation type: Solder able Polyurethane Overcoat
Build: Single Min-Nom
Maximum Resistance At 20℃ Ω/km: 2381

● High Quality enameled Copper Wire!Durable and not break while winding the coils.Highly Efficient!
● Magnet wire is copper wire that coated with a thin layer of insulated enamel.The copper strands conducts,the insulation is made from modified Polyester with a Polyamideimide overcoat,and protects the coiled wire from short-circuiting.
● BNTECHGO® magnetic copper wire is widely used in the construction of transformers, wound coils, motors, solenoids, instruments, inductors, speakers, electromagnets, and other applications that require tight coils of insulated wire.

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