BNTECHGO 30 Gauge Silicone Wire Ultra Flexible 20 Feet(Black and Red Each Color 10 ft) high temp 200 deg C 600V 30 AWG Silicone Wire 11 Strands of Tinned Copper Wire Stranded Wire Model Battery Cable

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● 30 Gauge silicone wire kit:2 colors,red and black,each color 10 ft,total 20 feet.
● High quality ultra flexible soft silicone rubber copper wire!super low impedance,highly efficient!
● High strand count copper core,30 AWG silicone stranded wire has 11 strands 0.08 mm tinned copper wire,the copper strands are tinned,protecting them from corrosion and making it easier to solder.
● They are constructed with premium silicone rubber insulation.High temperature resistance 200 degree C,Low temperature resistance,in extreme cold -60 degree C.Rated Voltage:600 volts.Outside diameter 0.8 mm,tolerance +/- 0.1 mm.
● BNTECHGO silicone wire are widely used for model planes,model cars,model ships,batteries,lamps,household appliances,electric heating appliances,meters,instruments,motor lead wire and digital fields.

Also available the right gauge wire from thin 30 AWG to heavy duty 8 AWG silicone wire.
● 8 AWG and 10 AWG available red and black;
● 12 AWG and 14 AWG available 7 colors (Red,Black,Blue,Yellow,Green, White and Gray);
● 16 AWG to 30 AWG available 11 colors(Red, Black, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Brown, Gray, Purple, Orange and Pink).

● Please allow 2-7 business days for the item to arrive (depends on parcel destination)

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    Excellent Wire for DIY Jumper Cables that Hold-up to Daily Use

    Posted by WA9KZY on 5th Jun 2019

    Just adding my 5-star review. Using this wire to make 24"jumper cables, with alligator, mini-grabber clips, etc. Had to go DIY, as the"store-bought"jumper break, all the time. Going to the 20-gauge, various colors for the next batch. Best wire for jumpers I've found in over 40 years, and the price is right.

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    Excellent way to buy.

    Posted by Pimousse on 7th May 2019

    Great way to sell common colors when you only need a few inches here and there.

  • 5
    Chemical resistant.

    Posted by Jubal Harshaw on 8th Sep 2018

    For carrying large amounts of current. I needed to replace the wires on my vintage KGB torture device and needed something that would stand up to corrosive sweat and other bodily fluids. The silicone jacket is very flexible; allowing access to those tight crannies.Being eight gauge I knew it would handle the large voltages needed to overcome the impedence of human skin. This is awesome stuff.

  • 5
    good product

    Posted by Hoa on 4th Nov 2017

    Wires are excellent easy to work with.

  • 5
    Good stuff

    Posted by suomynona on 29th Aug 2017

    Amazing product. Essential for any makers.