BNTECHGO® 22 AWG 1007 Electric wire 22 Gauge PVC 1007 Wire Solid Wire Hook Up Wire 300V Solid Tinned Copper Wire 25 ft/50 ft Available in 6 Colors For DIY

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Solid Single Core Wire 1007 22 AWG Hook-Up Wire£ºSolid tinned copper conductor with a PVC sheath.
Good abrasion resistance and resistance to substances such as oil,solvents and chemicals: PVC Insulation that can withstand heats of up to +105°C.
Easy handling,stripping,and termination:Low-fray design.
Flame retardant: VW-1.
This hook-up wire is recommended for internal wiring of electrical or electronic equipment.

Conductor AWG : 22
Conductor Material : Tinned Copper
Conductor Construction: Solid 1×0.65±0.008mm²
Insulation: PVC(Polyvinylchloride)
Over Dia.: 2.28±0.1mm
Rated Temperature: 105°C
Rated Voltage: 300V
Packaging: 25ft per reel/50ft per reel
Jacket Colour : Red,Black,White,Blue,Green,Yellow